File a new claim or check on an existing claim - available 24 hours

If you need to file a new claim or follow up on an existing claim, you may contact us during business hours or contact us at our office (904) 824-9877.

If you need claims assistance outside of our business hours or prefer to speak directly with the carrier, please use contact list provided below:

 COMPANY PHONE 24x7Website

 Allied 800-282-1446 Allied Online
 ASI 866-274-5677ASI Online
 Bankers 800-765-9700Bankers Online 
 Federated National 954-308-1200Fednat
 Cypress 877-560-5224Cypress Online
 Florida Family 877-254-6819Floriday Family Online
 FUBA 800-444-9098Fuba Online
 Hartford 877-805-9918Hartford Online
 Olympus 866-281-2242Olympus Online
 Progressive 800-274-4499Progressive Online
 Safeco  800-332-3226Safeco
 Security First 877-581-4862Security First
 St Johns 888-868-7544St John
 Southern Oak  877-900-3971Southern Oak 
 Tower Hill 800-216-3711Tower Hill
 Cabrillo Coastal 866-896-7233Cabrillo Coastal
 Gulfstream 866-485-3005Gulfstream
 Heritage 855-620-9978Heritage
 Prepared  877-313-1824Prepared Insurance 
 Universal North America 866-458-4262Universal North America
 United Property & Casualty 888-256-3378United Property & Casualty